Soothing for the eyes- Shipley Nature Center


Soothing for the eyes- Shipley Nature Center

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A tremendous nature preserves near Huntington Beach, California, Shipley Nature Centre is a place worth visiting at least once in summers. This 18-acre natural preserve is home to many plant life and birds. The Center is also home to various animals, wildlife and has numerous trekking trails for visitors. Located on the East side of Huntington Central Park, it offers many programs and events over the summers for children and for families. 

This nature center was opened in 1974. It is named after a previous mayor of Huntington Beach, Donald D. Shipley. He wanted this area to be as it was a century ago in its natural form. One of the biggest reasons why he decided to preserve the place was to educate the coming of age children about the natural habitats of this area. The Friends of Shipley Nature Center and the City of Huntington Beach together restored the park with various grants and donations. And with all these efforts, the center today is home to so many wildlife and plants and has almost 4000 feet of trails for visitors. 

The Nature Center

The Nature Center is home to eight habitats, namely, Oak Woodland Habitat, the plantation of these trees started around 40 years ago during the restoration period. These are evergreen trees and stay the same throughout the year. These trees live up to almost 250 years. The next is Meadow Habitat, where various small animals such as moles, squirrels, and honeybees make their homes. Then we have, Redwood Grove Habitat, these kinds of trees are the tallest and may reach upto 360 feet. Their branches are sharp and pointy, and they are usually found in northern California. 

After that, the Shipley center also is home to Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat, they need very little water to survive however sadly, many of them were destroyed due to the development of the area. They are also homes to small rabbits and lizards. The Center also has Blackbird Pond Habitat; it is one of the very few remaining freshwater wetlands in the area. There are various small animals that live by such as turtles, dragonflies, and various birds. 

Riparian Woodland


Next is the Riparian Woodland, these trees are a member of the Willow family and are native to Huntington Beach. Hummingbirds are often seen to make their nests in these. Then we have the Torrey Pine habitat, which is the rarest in all of the US. These trees can rise up to almost 140 feet. These are also homes to cottontail rabbits, mice, and moles. And lastly, the Nature Center has Southern Oak Woodland habitat, a personal favorite of hummingbirds. Various lizards and moles can be seen living around these as well. 

Other than spending some quality time with your family, you can also donate to the park for maintenance and restoration. Furthermore, you can also volunteer yourself as well. Other than that, you can also buy a membership plan from the Shipley Center. So what are you waiting for? If you’re visiting Huntington Beach, this is a place you must go to. 


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