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A slab leak in your home is something you should never ignore. Left untreated, a slab leak can cause serious damage to your home and compromise its structural integrity. You may have a slab leak if you’ve suddenly started to notice:

  • Water spots on your floors
  • Cracks in your walls and flooring
  • Higher water bills for no apparent reason
  • Warm spots on the floor (often where pets will lay when they are cold)

At Kalka Plumbing, Heating, and Air, we have the tools and skills to identify and fix all types of slab leaks throughout Irvine, Orange County, and the surrounding cities. Using our advanced equipment, we’ll diagnose the problem at hand and present you with effective solutions for a fix.

Don’t Wait to Get Help

Slab leaks only tend to get worse and cause more damage over time. And ignoring a slab leak could be one of the costliest decisions you’ll make as a homeowner. So don’t wait to call for help: Contact Kalka Plumbing, Heating, and Air today to schedule an appointment for home slab leak repair services.