Pipes and Sewers

Pipes and Sewers


What’s with the pool of water collecting in my yard?

When it comes to your main sewer lines and water lines, your peace of mind depends on them working properly. Sewer lines provide for the exiting of waste products from the home, while water lines deliver water to the home. The plumbing system, both water, and sewer, in your home, are attached to several fixtures, fittings, and appliances. All of these can cause potential problems, some serious. Problems like sewer backups, clogged lines, damaged pipes, as well as, issues with leaks, high water pressure, and low water pressure. At Kalka Plumbing, Heating, and Air, we provide effective solutions for all emergencies and minor headaches alike in Irvine, Orange County, and all surrounding cities.

Water Pipes

Water pipes are made from a variety of materials including copper, plastic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or Pex, polyethylene, or Galvanized steel. They deliver potable water from the street or well to all areas of your home for use in the kitchen, bath, laundry, and outside irrigation. These pipes often times are buried in the slabs of homes, in the walls and consist of joints, valves, and fittings that can lead to leaks.

Water lines are pressurized and more susceptible to leaks. In some cases, it is difficult to detect leaks without a closer inspection. Leaks can lead to low water pressure, water damage, increased bills and a waste of natural resources. And, in the colder areas of the country frozen pipes can be a major concern.

Sewer Pipes

Many older homes use cast-iron sewer pipes that are susceptible to corrosion, cracks root intrusion, etc. Newer homes sewer pipes are generally made of plastic materials such as ABS (plastic) and polyethylene. They provide for the exiting of wastewater materials from kitchens, baths, and laundries to a sanitary sewer or septic tank system. The majority of residential sewer systems have pipes that rely on gravity systems where slight inclines in the piping allow for the flow of sewage to a further distribution point. These pipes consist of joints and fittings that can become damaged and leak. Sewer leaks can lead to unsightly odors and major messes.

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We have a rental unit in Dana Point and our tenant called, saying no heat. I called Kalka Heating and Air and Jarrad took my call, and scheduled Ryan to service the unit. Replacing the Furnace Filter was all it needed. We have perfect heat again! I received a call from Vanessa to say there was no charge for the service call. I was so happy to hear this! Thank you's to everyone at Kalka Plumbing and Heating for making my day! And thank you Kevin for running such a straightforward company. This is so much appreciated! Your professionalism shows in your choice of employees and in your work.

- John Gacek

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I have had two plumbing emergencies that they have responded to and repaired right away. They also did a great job replacing my air conditioner and water heater. They are kind and professional, and their work quality is excellent.

- KJ Hummel

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Ryan and his co worker (I forgot his name, sorry!) were a pleasure! They were very careful about putting on shoe coverings and wore masks the entire time. They spent a good amount of time tuning up our AC and furnace. Ryan was very detailed about how everything was running and had a couple of suggestions that would make our system better. We appreciated their professionalism and friendliness. We will take them up on their suggestions. We will definitely use Kalka again!

- Jane Newcombe

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Ryan and his trainee were not just on time for the appt, they were actually a little early! I was so impressed with that! They both were wearing masks and those booties to cover their shoes. They were professional and very friendly. It is always a pleasure doing business with Kalka.

- Liz Thornton

Reasons Why Your Pipes And Sewers Need To Work Effectively

Pipes and sewers are not the most glamorous parts of your home, but they are essential to any plumbing system. Pipes transport water from the main supply to different areas in your house, while sewer lines carry away wastewater. Pipes can break or become blocked for several reasons, which can cause major issues with your property if left unchecked. Here are the main reasons:

Pipes and sewers are expensive to fix

Pipes and sewers are expensive to fix and replace. It is not a job you want to leave to an amateur or the lowest bidder, because their work will cost more in the long run due to re-work and repairs on top of expensive equipment costs. Pipes and sewers are important for hundreds of reasons that can affect your home's value, health risks from poor sanitation, environmental impact from untreated wastewater spills into our waterways, water conservation issues with old inefficient systems, along with costly energy bills due to excessive use of pumps running 24/7 all year round so this should be treated as a major investment worthy of professional expertise.

Sewer gas can be dangerous for people's health

Sewer gas can be dangerous for people's health and it is important to make sure that your Pipes And Sewers work effectively. If you're noticing any problems with the Pipes And Sewers, such as a strange smell coming from them or they aren't draining properly, then you need to get in touch with a Pipes And Sewers contractor.

 You may start noticing a strange odor or that the Pipes And Sewers don't drain as well as usual. Pipes And Sewers that are not working effectively can cause some serious problems. Pipes And Sewers that aren't draining properly can cause a backup and lead to flooding in your property, which is something you want to avoid.

Pipes might burst, flooding your home with sewage

Pipes might burst, flooding your home with sewage, or leaky pipes can cause damage to your home because if they do not work efficiently there could be many problems within the sewer system of your house. Pipes and sewers need to work effectively, which means they should be in the best condition possible. If you are concerned about their well-being then you must contact a Kalka Plumbing, heating and Air for inspection purposes at least once a year to ensure that they are in the best possible condition. Pipes and sewer systems might be able to sustain a great deal of damage if there is a problem - but will eventually destroy your home entirely once it gets out of hand.

Sewage backups can contaminate water sources

Pipes that are broken or blocked can cause sewage backups. Pipes and sewer systems should be maintained regularly to prevent blockages, leaks, damage, and other problems from occurring in the first place. Pipes and sewer systems can be damaged by factors such as tree roots, aging infrastructure, ground movement from the earth's plates shifting over time. Pipes need to work effectively or else there could be water damage in homes due to sewage backups.

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