This Beach Pier in Surf City

that survived wars and storms is waiting for you


Beach Pier in Surf city

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Huntington Beach Pier is one of the longest piers on the West Coast that is open to the public. Located at Huntington Beach in California, west of the Pacific Coast Highway, at almost 560 meters, the pier serves as a splendid spot for visitors. The scenic beauty is top-notch for the eyes to see. There is no doubt in the sheer beauty of the place that is open from 5 AM till midnight. Whether you want a small walk for peace of mind, or want to propose to someone, the pier shall serve your purpose. The gushing wind and the beautiful architecture seem to complement each other. 

The pier is considered one of the most popular places in Surf City, the ocean waves create an amazing surf year-round. The Pier is also a part of the National Register of Historic Places. It was initially built in 1902, but after a deadly storm, it was partially destroyed. The reconstruction took place, however, and the new Pier was inaugurated in 1911, where some extra meters were added, and the overall length was around 400 meters. In 1914, it was named as the highest and longest Pier in the US. 

Beach Pier in Surf city


In 1931, an extra 150 meters was added, and a café at the end as well. The pier has been standing there for more than a century; it has seen countless reconstructions and storms. Interestingly, the Pier also served as a Military seaport for a brief period during the Second World War when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. The US Navy had a submarine lookout as well as heavy machine guns, ready to fire. However, when the war ended, only then did the Pier return to public use. 

The steel beams in the pillars of the Pier are coated with epoxy to withstand the corrosion effect because of the wet air. Not only this, but it can also withstand almost 10 meters of waves and a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The structure is phenomenally strong and safe from natural disasters. 

Huntington Beach Pier


As if the beauty of the place isn’t enough, there are plenty of public events that occasionally take place. The annual Surf Opening happens on the south side of the Pier. It takes place around every year during the summers. Often hosted by Vans, Converse, or Nike, it is the largest Surfing competition in the world and lasts for at least about a week.  

Another interesting fact about this is that it has also been a very popular spot for films and Television series. It has been featured in 90210 and The X factor. As stated before, it is a very popular site for surfers and people in general who want to enjoy the sea breeze, and have a good time. If you’re looking to spend some time off from your busy schedule or everyday lie and you need a break, hop on a cab and get dropped off here. 


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