AC Install

AC Install


Do you need cooler air in Irvine or any of the surrounding cities? Make Kalka Plumbing, Heating, and Air your choice for Orange County air conditioning installation. Businesses and residences can’t afford to skimp on quality and expertise. We excel at handling commercial and residential installations, maintenance, and repairs. With our services, you’ll be free to spend your days in comfort and deal with more important issues. We’ll help lower your energy bills, reduce allergens, and make your place a more inviting space.

Keeping cool is important, especially during a California summer. We set high standards not just for the sake of the customer, but for the sake of accomplishment. We go the extra mile, always seeking to exceed expectations and do what’s right for our customers and our community. That’s why we’re proud to be one of the only contractors that consistently takes an environmentally-friendly approach by recycling ozone-depleting refrigerants.

The world is not a renewable resource, so if you’re looking for Orange County air conditioning installation that doesn’t do harm to the environment, Kalka Plumbing, Heating, and Air is a natural choice. Our certified, insured, and experienced technicians stand behind their work with a 100% guarantee. Our minimal service call fee is waived on any service, repair, or install. Get the quality service you deserve without the high cost. Call today for your consultation!

Certified and Accredited AC Installers

We hire experienced installers to work on our air conditioning installation projects. As a company, we operate under CSL #677889 while our AC installers and technicians have individual certifications. As accredited installers of top AC brands such as Amana, Daikin, Goodman, Maytag, Coleman, Lennox, American Standard, and the like, we possess unquestionable knowledge and expertise installing air conditioning units from these trusted manufacturers. For example, we can talk about Amana’s exceptional durability and reliability as each AC unit is built under strict conditions and rigorous testing parameters. Meanwhile, Maytag offers dependable performance at low sound levels, coupled with an industry-leading 12-year limited parts warranty and dependability promise.

Reliable Air Conditioning Installation

With hundreds of successful jobs done, you can trust in our expertise in rendering reliable AC installations at a price that you can afford easily. Whether we’re working on small residential air conditioning units or large ACs for commercial properties, our crews will proceed with careful air conditioning installation, nonetheless. In fact, we’re particularly known across Orange County for our outstanding installation services, making us well-loved by clients then and now.

We follow a fail-proof systematic installation procedure and use task-appropriate tools. We also help clients in choosing the right AC system that will meet their needs and budget limitations. Whenever possible, we present them with several options from different brands, and let them choose which ones best suit their needs. Once the units are properly installed, we check each unit to see if it’s working perfectly. If there’s a problem, we fix it right away before leaving the area and declaring the project done.

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What Clients Say About Us

Steam Generator Repair


We have a rental unit in Dana Point and our tenant called, saying no heat. I called Kalka Heating and Air and Jarrad took my call, and scheduled Ryan to service the unit. Replacing the Furnace Filter was all it needed. We have perfect heat again! I received a call from Vanessa to say there was no charge for the service call. I was so happy to hear this! Thank you's to everyone at Kalka Plumbing and Heating for making my day! And thank you Kevin for running such a straightforward company. This is so much appreciated! Your professionalism shows in your choice of employees and in your work.

- John Gacek

Steam Generator Repair


I have had two plumbing emergencies that they have responded to and repaired right away. They also did a great job replacing my air conditioner and water heater. They are kind and professional, and their work quality is excellent.

- KJ Hummel

Steam Generator Repair


Ryan and his co worker (I forgot his name, sorry!) were a pleasure! They were very careful about putting on shoe coverings and wore masks the entire time. They spent a good amount of time tuning up our AC and furnace. Ryan was very detailed about how everything was running and had a couple of suggestions that would make our system better. We appreciated their professionalism and friendliness. We will take them up on their suggestions. We will definitely use Kalka again!

- Jane Newcombe

Steam Generator Repair


Ryan and his trainee were not just on time for the appt, they were actually a little early! I was so impressed with that! They both were wearing masks and those booties to cover their shoes. They were professional and very friendly. It is always a pleasure doing business with Kalka.

- Liz Thornton

What is Involved in AC Installation?

AC installation is a difficult process that requires a lot of careful consideration. An Air Conditioning unit is one of the most important home appliances, and installations have never been more popular. AC Installation professionals like Kalka Plumbing, Heating and Air can help you get your AC set up in no time! We will come out to your home and take care of everything for you, so it won't be an issue at all.

AC installation is the process of connecting an ac unit to a home or business. It entails things like measuring, cutting, and attaching ducts as well as installing other parts such as condensers, fans, and compressors. AC Installation can either be done by a professional AC installer or a do-it-yourself person if they have enough time on their hands ( but not recommended)

The first step in AC installation would involve identifying where you want your AC unit installed, usually, it will depend on how much space it is available but aside from that also consider potential problems such as ventilation so airflow won't become blocked up due to poor placement. 

After this has been considered then all should be bought which includes brackets for securing the AC unit, screws for attaching it to walls and ceilings as well as bolts. Ductwork is then attached which will channel air away from the AC system into various rooms of your house or building. 

Cut holes are made on wall/s where AC unit mounts on them with a hole saw attachment so that AC can fit in snugly before being secured properly using hardware such as metal brackets, washers, and nuts. 

The last consideration would be an electrical connection wherein an AC installer should attach wires appropriately through breakers or junction boxes after checking local codes to avoid any unnecessary mishaps down the road.

AC installation is best done during summertime when you need cooling most especially if there's no existing AC unit on the premises. AC installation is very important since, without it, AC won't be able to function at all which means you'd have to bear unbearable heat during the summertime while paying huge electricity bills because of too much usage due to lack of AC.

There are different ways in which you can do AC installation depending on your skills and expertise with regards to electrical wiring, tools used for cutting or attaching hardware as well as restrictions imposed by local municipalities and homeowners association (HOA).

 If done properly then AC installation should take around a day but if there's no experience involved expect things like installing an entire system – from ductwork assembly down to breaking open walls – will take weeks especially when we're talking about AC installation in a huge house with several rooms.

If you don't have the knowledge and tools to do AC installation yourself then hiring Kalka would be the best option for getting things done properly and efficiently. Especially if AC is needed urgently. Times like when air conditioners are always at full blast since many people are working from home these days, kids will come home from school sweaty while pets want fresh cool air too. 

Hiring someone else to install your AC system allows you more free time which can be used doing other errands while allowing professionals to get it right without any supervision whatsoever. An added advantage of having a professional handle AC installation is that they'll guarantee everything works well before leaving premises which should give homeowners peace of mind.

How to Get An AC Repair and Service

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