5 Reasons why you need to join HB Surf School ASAP


5 Reasons why you need to join HB Surf School ASAP

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As summer is right around the corner, what could be better than visiting the ocean once in a while. And while you’re at it, why not learn a new sport? Not only that, why not learn a new water sport? It would be an amazing and fun summer activity. You could join Surfing classes with a friend, and surf through the joyful summers all the while staying active and fit. Here are 5 reasons why you definitely need to give HB Surf School a try.

  • Economical

HB Surf School is a licensed Surfing school located in the city of Huntington Beach. You will have a chance to experience surfing with lifetime coach Bill Sharp. The expertise of Bill shall help you in learning surfing. Not only this, since he is a former pro surfer, he can guide you from his experiences, and hence, you will have a lot to relate to when you’re on your board, flying through the waves. The HBB Surf School has various packages, for example, if you’re alone, you pay $145 for 1 person; if you take a friend with you, then the charges are reduced to $125 per person for 2 people. Furthermore, $110 per person for 3 people, and $95 per person for four or more people. The charges are extremely economical and can be afforded by anyone. 

  • Timings are perfect

It’s understandable when you have work but you’re also trying to work on your hobbies. If you apply for HB Surfing School, you might not face the issue of the timing as such since they offer classes from 6 AM to 4 PM. You can come for 1-hour sessions at your ease. Not only this, the classes are for adults as well as children. They also offer summer camps, maybe you and your kids can go together.

  • Quality time with Friends and Family

The school is right next to Duke’s HB, it’s like a perfect package, you can have lunch with your family or friends there and then go for a class, or if you’re tired from a class then grab a bite on your way back. Summers are a great time to spend with your loved ones doing quality activities together. So join the surf school this summer to beat the heat and to get some hands-on experience in surfing. 

  • Physical Fitness

It’s important to take care of our health and stay active. If your daily routine of a basic walk or a run is getting too monotonous and boring for you then a change of scenery is a must. Not only that, but if you’re learning Surfing, you not only get to enjoy the sharp sun on the ocean waves but also you get to stay physically fit. 

  • Build Confidence

Although Surfing can seem pretty difficult at the start, once you get a hold of it, you’ll feel so much more confident in yourself. So give yourself a chance and learn to surf!

HB Surf School
United States, California, Huntington Beach, Pacific Coast Hwy,  92648

Follow CA-1 S and CA-55 N to State Rte 55 N in Costa Mesa 15 min (7.2 mi)

Head southeast toward CA-1 S 351 ft

Turn right onto CA-1 S

Pass by Dairy Queen (on the left) 4.8 mi

Merge onto CA-55 N/State Rte 55 N/Newport Blvd via the ramp to Costa Mesa

Continue to follow CA-55 N/State Rte 55 N 2.3 mi

Follow State Rte 55 N and I-405 S to Bake Pkwy in Irvine. Take exit 1B from I-405 S 12 min (12.3 mi)

Keep left to continue on State Rte 55 N 1.8 mi

Use the left 3 lanes to stay on State Rte 55 N 0.4 mi

Keep left to stay on State Rte 55 N 1.0 mi

Take exit 6 to merge onto I-405 S toward San Diego 5.8 mi

Keep left to stay on I-405 S 2.7 mi

Take exit 1B for Bake Pkwy 0.6 mi

Continue on Bake Pkwy to your destination 3 min (1.1 mi)

Turn left onto Bake Pkwy 0.7 mi

Use the left lane to turn left onto Rockfield Blvd 0.2 mi

Turn left 0.1 mi

Turn left

Destination will be on the left 262 ft

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