3 Reasons to Take Your Kids for a Day Out at Tanaka Farms

3 Reasons to Take Your Kids for a Day Out at Tanaka Farms

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Tanaka farms first opened its doors to visitors in the 1940s and ever since has become a staple of the community in Orange County. The farm has been a great source of organic produce for the local community since the early 1900s, today it is open to visitors who want to teach their kids about the importance of farming, vegetables, fruits and why supporting local and organic produce is the best way to go.

The farm serves as an amazing destination for families and kids on field trips alike. The young ones are encouraged to partake in fun activities like picking strawberries and learning about the history and significance of organic and fresh produce grown on the premises.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should take your kids for a day out at Tanaka farms.

  • Educational Experience About Making Healthy Food Choices

A day out at Tanaka farms is an educational experience for the whole family. Learning about how the food we depend on is grown and harvested is an essential part of human life and this knowledge should be spread as much as it can be to ensure the tradition of consuming and farming homegrown organic produce continues to flourish into the future.

A trip down to the market stand at Tanaka farms is great for purchasing fresh and healthy produce to add to the diet of your kids and everyone else in the family. Some of the home-grown vegetables usually for sale at the market stand include many different varieties of kale including curly kale and dinosaur kale, sweet white corn, Maui onions, shishito peppers, and many types of melons, just to name a few. The availability of certain products depends on the season though.

  • Picking Tours and Wagon Rides

A great fun activity for families visiting the farm is the annual fruit picking tours where children learn how certain fruits are grown and harvested. It is an amazing opportunity for people of all ages to experience how life on an actual working farm is and what process the produce they consume daily goes through before it ends up on their table.

The wagon rides offer an incredible chance for you to handpick freshly grown vegetables which you can have for dinner that very night. The wagon ride will take you and your little ones around the farm and tell you about the history, farming methods, and the crops which are grown on the premises.

One important thing to mention is that these tours are largely dependent on crop availability and other factors such as growing cycles, infestations, weather, and more. The management at the farm constantly keeps an eye on what is ripe and ready to pick and regularly provides updates on the website for when the next picking tour can be expected.

  • Flower picking at Hana Field in Costa Mesa

If you are looking for the perfect picnic spot for your family, how do acres upon acres of beautiful sunflowers, herbs, zinnias, and more sound? You may even partake in flower picking events where you and the little ones can pick fresh snapdragons, zinnias, and sunflowers to take home, provided you bring your cutting utensils.

Teaching the younger generation about the importance of farming and growing their food, and also supporting their local organic produce vendors is essential to promote a trend of healthy eating for the next generation. A day out at Tanaka farms is sure to be as educational as it is fun for the whole family.

Get on I-405 S
2 min (0.8 mi)

Head north on Strawberry Farm Rd toward University Trail
423 ft

Turn right onto University Dr
0.3 mi

Use the right lane to take the ramp onto I-405 S
0.4 mi

Continue on I-405 S to Bake Pkwy. Take exit 1B from I-405 S
4 min (3.8 mi)

Merge onto I-405 S
3.2 mi

Take exit 1B for Bake Pkwy
0.6 mi

Follow Bake Pkwy to your destination
3 min (0.9 mi)

Use the left 3 lanes to turn left onto Bake Pkwy
0.7 mi

Make a U-turn at Rockfield Blvd
0.1 mi

Turn right
102 ft

Turn right
Destination will be on the left

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