3 Interesting Facts About Irvine Spectrum Center


3 Interesting Facts About Irvine Spectrum Center

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The Irvine Spectrum Complex is an outdoor retail center in Irvine, California. It is situated in the Irvine Spectrum region on the southeast side of the city. The mall has major stores such as Target and  Nordstrom, as well as an Edwards 21-screen movie theatre and a Ferris wheel.

The first section of the facility was inaugurated in 1995, followed by the second section in 1998, spanning a ten-year period. In 2002, the third section was finished. Between 2005 and 2006, the fourth and fifth phases were also constructed.

The property’s unique style is inspired by the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, which is featured extensively in the second phase of the complex.d concluded.

You can come with your family, friends or even alone, there is no way that you won’t find yourself enjoying it! 

 Now you might think you have a basic idea of what this shopping center has to offer, but you actually might not know some really interesting facts about Irvine Shopping Center. Read further to find out.

  1. Lip Lab by Bite

Are you a makeup lover? Many times we face problems while looking for the perfect color that goes with our complexion or outfit. Well, join the club because Irvine Spectrum Center gives you access to Lip Lab by Bite that can help you customize a lipstick color of your choice. The best thing is, you get hands-on experience by doing it yourself. 

  1. You Can DIY Your Cake!

Have you ever bought a cake and thought to yourself ‘Man, if it were me, I’d add more orange on the right side instead of blue’.

One is never truly satisfied with what others design, there’s always a tiny little detail that seems to be missing, so why not do it yourself?  With ‘Duff’s Cakemix’, you- the customer-  for the first time ever, are the designer of the cake.

Your designs are Duff Goldman’s iconic pre-baked cakes and cupcakes from Ace of Cakes. Decorations like colorful buttercream, flexible fondant, and delectable toppings are included in each package. The studio offers decorating supplies, and professional advice, while you supply your imagination.

  1. Irvine Improv/Umami Restaurant

You may be aware of the giant Spectrum wheel, but are you aware of the Irvine Improv? The club is a great site for hosting business meetings and gatherings, wedding celebrations, fundraisers, and more. It is in the heart of Irvine’s international corporate culture, meaning it is in the ideal location.

Furthermore, it can hold up to 500 patrons, provides a delicious menu as well as the latest technology to help you with your function!

If you aren’t hosting a function, attending one is a great idea too! Many standup comedians have chosen Irvine Improv and still continue to do so! So you can always go just to have a good laugh.


Here at Irvine Spectrum Center, there are unlimited options, you’ll never get bored. What’s more, is that you’ll learn too, all the thrill and excitement will be for nothing.

Take Enterprise Dr to Alton Pkwy
4 min (0.5 mi)

Head northwest toward Enterprise Dr
233 ft

Turn right
0.2 mi

Turn left onto Enterprise Dr
0.3 mi

Continue on Alton Pkwy to Thomas
3 min (1.8 mi)

Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Alton Pkwy
1.4 mi

Turn right onto Muirlands Blvd
0.4 mi

Continue on Thomas to your destination
2 min (0.5 mi)

Turn right onto Thomas
0.2 mi

Turn left onto Rockfield Blvd
331 ft

Turn right
0.1 mi

Turn left
Destination will be on the left

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