Why Do I Have to Add Refrigerant to my Air Conditioning Every Year?

It’s not unusual for most air conditioner users to take the appliance for granted. The only time they become concerned is when their unit stops running correctly.

Understandably, the AC is a rare item on most owners’ daily to-do. But for your comfort, it’s high time you started giving it some attention.

When your AC is low on Freon, the cooling will not only be off, but costs will also spike.

This article will address AC refrigerants, and you will learn how often to recharge. In addition, these tips will help prevent the frequent need to refill your unit.

Do Central Air Conditioners need to be recharged?

Yes, there are times a recharge is necessary. However, with proper maintenance, HVAC will remain efficient without needing a refill. The unit is designed to work continually, giving you cooling at all times.

How You Can Know if Your AC Needs Freon

All things considered, an AC won’t need a Freon top-up. Therefore, before refilling your AC, be sure the following are functioning as they should be:

  • The Thermostat. This item needs checking if your AC is not cooling as desired.
  • The vents. After you certify the thermostat is okay, make sure the vent is uncluttered. Any blockage around the vent could result in the cool air not circulating as it should.
  • Frost build-up. Frost reveals a leak in the coolant supply line. Examine the pipes and connectors for frost build-up. Spotting this means there is a leak.
  • Inspect and fix. Carry out an overall inspection of the unit to ensure everything is in the right place and good shape. Get a certified AC technician to carry out the inspection. If, after a thorough examination, it is concluded the Freon needs a recharge, go for it.

Symptoms of Low Freon in the Central Air Conditioner

If your AC is not cooling the way it should, the refrigerant probably needs a refill.

Below are some of the signs your AC unit has low Freon:

  • It takes longer to cool. Refrigerants absorb heat from the surrounding air. If your AC takes much longer to cool than necessary, call a certified technician to inspect it.
  • Increase in electricity cost. Low Freon will make your AC work twice as hard to cool. Working harder will take a toll on your energy cost.
  • Air from the vent is warm. The vent releases cool air from the AC. If the air is lukewarm, call your technician immediately.
  • Ice formation. Earlier, we mentioned frost build-up; this is a sign of a leak around the frost point. A leak means Freon is escaping, which will result in a shortage of it.
  • Hissing sound. If you hear hissing from your AC line, it is very likely Freon is escaping. Call your AC technician immediately!

What does an Air Conditioner Freon Refill Cost?

Without refrigerant, your AC unit wouldn’t provide the cooling comfort you need. Therefore, having an idea of the cost to recharge is essential. While cost may vary according to location and quantity required, a Freon recharge could cost anywhere from $200 to $1,500.

How to Keep Your AC Running without Worrying about Frequent Freon Recharge

Having your AC work without worrying about the expenses of refrigerant is desirable. The following tips will keep your cooling unit working without frequent Freon refill expenses:

Scheduled Maintenance

When you have a maintenance schedule, you avoid situations that cause your refrigerant to escape.

Responsible Usage

AC is like any other appliance in the home or office. It deserves to be used responsibly. Use the equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. If in doubt, ask your AC technician.

Keep the Surroundings Clean

Keeping the surrounding of your AC cluttered could encourage dirt and choke the unit. Most times, cluttered surroundings damage AC installations.

Promptly Repair the Faulty Component

Every component in your AC unit helps it to run smoothly. So, do not treat any part of it with levity. Whether it’s the fan or filter, ensure every component is working.

Use a Competent Technician

No doubt there are many technicians out there. Therefore, it is essential to find one with the proper qualifications.

Avoid Doing It Yourself

DIY enthusiasts are great people, but it prevents unnecessary headaches if you do not attempt handling an appliance you have no clue how to fix. Improper handling of a minor fault could lead to bigger ones with colossal costs.

Go for Professional HVAC Support

It is crucial to keep a list of air conditioning technicians in your area and pick one to work with. As is often said, a stitch in time saves nine. Thus, a problem detected early has a higher chance of a solution before it becomes severe.

You will not only ensure a highly functioning AC unit, but you will also keep your cost at the lowest.

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