Why Is My Air Conditioning Not Cooling My Home Evenly?

People often ask, why is the air in one room in my house warmer than the rest of the house? If you are one of them, don’t worry, you are not alone.

It can be frustrating, especially in summer, to have one or more of your rooms not cooling. Heat, at its peak, can be very uncomfortable indoors. Uneven cooling can occur for several reasons. It is best to call a technician who specializes in heating and air services to have it checked at once.

Some effects of excessive heat can be increased irritability, loss of concentration, and loss of the ability to work. High levels of heat in your home can also have detrimental effects on your health and, in some cases, could even be fatal. Medical experts often warn of the dangers of intense heat.

People react to heat differently, but the earlier you ensure even cooling around your home, the better.

Likely Causes of Uneven Cooling

If your air conditioning system works perfectly, the cooling around your home should be even. But things go wrong, and HVAC systems are no exception. While any air conditioning system could develop faults, detecting the offending areas can be tricky. From experience as a professional heating and air conditioning technician, the cause could be multifaceted.

The following are likely reasons for uneven cooling in the house:

  •   Leaky Air Ducts

The air ducts should be airtight. Any leak in the air duct will affect the cooling.

  •   Wrong Size Unit

Many believe that a small AC unit cannot cool their room efficiently. However, the real problem is having too big an AC unit installed. The bigger-than-needed AC unit does not cycle the cool air long enough for even cooling.

  •   Short Cycling

The AC compressor stopping before a full cycle of cooling can be a cause of uneven cooling in the house. If your HVAC starts and suddenly stops before the full cooling cycle, call your AC technician immediately.

  •   A Malfunctioning HVAC System

Ideally, you should check your HVAC system often. Try to have a maintenance schedule for a regular check. A dirty or clogged filter can cause uneven cooling just as much as an old HVAC system could. Also, if the thermostat isn’t working perfectly, it could cause uneven cooling in the house.

How to Increase Air Conditioning Flow to One Room

One can’t emphasize enough the need for even cooling in the house. It is important to have all the rooms in your house cooled efficiently at all times for your health’s sake.

The following tips will help maintain even cooling in your house at all times:

  •   Examine Ductwork

The job of the ductwork is to distribute the conditioned air to the various rooms. Any fault in the ducts could cause air distribution issues. It’s best to engage qualified HVAC technicians and have scheduled maintenance in place.

  •   Check Vents and Registers

While tackling a cooling problem, it pays to start at the source. In analyzing the HVAC system, the vents and registers are important places to look. These are the places from where the conditioned air flows into your rooms. Ensure they are free of any blockage, such as furniture, to increase airflow. The number of vents in the rooms also determines the amount of airflow into the room.

  •   Clean the Filters

A clean filter allows more airflow. Your HVAC system has inbuilt filters, and you must ensure they are free of dirt. While you cannot prevent the filter from accumulating dirt, you can help eliminate buildup.

  •   Adjust Blower Speed

Another way to prevent air conditioning from working downstairs but not upstairs is to increase the blower speed. While the process of adjusting blower speed is tricky, your professional HVAC technician knows what to do.

  •   Fix Insulation

Experiencing uneven cooling in the house may be due to insulation issues. When the insulation is broken, it could lead to the loss of conditioned airflow into the room. Ensure this is not the case, and, if it is, get it fixed.

Get a Professional HVAC Technician Fast!

One way to save you the trouble of uneven cooling in the house is to have a professional HVAC technician nearby.

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