How Often Should I Get My Air Conditioner Serviced?

How Often Should I Get My Air Conditioner Serviced?


Tips on Air Conditioner Maintenance

Some good general advice for air conditioner and home heating maintenance is to have your heating system serviced in the Fall and your air conditioner serviced in the Spring. Another general rule is to have your cooling and heating systems checked once a year. However, there are other factors that will help determine how often maintenance is needed.

How Often Do You Use Your Air Conditioner?

Some people rarely use their air conditioner, or they live in a climate where they don’t need home cooling very often. Others have systems that also purify the air, so they’re used day in and day out. Many people prefer comfort and temperature control year-round. Those systems may need to be checked more often and they will certainly need their filters changed frequently.

Change Your A/C Filter

One item you can do yourself is to change your filter regularly. The standard recommendation is every 6-12 months for a vacation home or a home with only one occupant and no pets. However, most households will need a new filter every 60 days for homes with pets and every 90 days for homes without. This healthy habit is necessary year-round, as both your air conditioner and heater typically use the same air filter.

For households that use the air conditioner year-round, you’ll want to make sure your service schedule is more frequent. Trained professionals will inspect your system equipment, perform a periodic tune-up and replace filters. They’ll also do a professional cleaning on needed areas.

Check Your Air Conditioner Drain

Your condensate drain is another area you’ll want to check when you’re looking at changing your filters. Every air conditioner has a drain attached to it since it is constantly removing humidity from the air. When the humidity gets cold, it drops below the dew point and water collects in a drain pan. Sometimes the drain gets backed up and the homeowner won’t notice until there’s a stain on the ceiling or on a wall. It can be very cost-effective to have a service company come regularly to check the drain and prevent water damage.

Sign Up for a Local Plumbing, Heating, and Air Maintenance Program

Some HVAC companies offer maintenance plans. The cost of these plans often pays for themselves in utility service and repair discounts from being a plan member. You can also receive free annual inspections and increase the safety and longevity of your heating, cooling, and plumbing systems.

What Does Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance Include?

An air conditioning professional will provide a thorough visual safety check of all system equipment. They will inspect and clean the inside coil and the outdoor coil. This cleaning should only be done by a trained professional. They will also inspect and clean the condensate pump or drain to make sure it is not in danger of backing up. And they will change your air filters.

The Time for AC Maintenance is Now

Spring is the best time for air conditioning maintenance before the truly hot days begin. Find a local and trustworthy Plumbing Heating and Air company and make an appointment today. Your comfort, clean air, and quality of life are important.


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