Why Are My Pipes Making So Much Noise?

Why Are My Pipes Making So Much Noise?


What’s that noise? Do you have ghosts in the house?

Most likely, your house isn’t haunted. In fact, it’s probably your plumbing system. Plumbers get calls about strange noises from the pipes in homes, all the time. Crazy noises that sometimes do sound like a ghost!

Oftentimes, they’re associated with high pressure in the house. Toilets whistling, or many kinds of vibration noises going through the house. These types of noises can be pretty easy to diagnose, and they sound a lot worse than they are. They are pretty simple fixes for the most part.

Are noisy pipes a serious problem?

Or a not-so-serious problem?

In one home, there was a situation where expansion would take place in the pipes when the family would take a shower in a certain bathroom. It would start to make a ticking noise. That can sound just like a leak in the walls, but it’s not. Sometimes it can be a leak, however. The homeowner is not going to know. It can be very disconcerting because it sounds like water leaking inside a wall. It may not be. It may be something simple.

There are also situations where it sounds like your house is haunted when the toilet is flushed! Pipes can start to hum all throughout the house. I’ve seen that happen multiple times. Often, those problems are associated with high pressure. Pressure can be diagnosed easily. We have a device that you could buy at the hardware store. It’s $15. You put the device on your hose, turn it on, and see if you have high pressure. Anything over 75, you probably want to give us a call.

Plumbing Noise

There are a lot of different things that could be causing noises in your pipes. Most of them are due to high pressure. Sometimes it can just be loose-fitting in a pipe, in a shower valve, or in a faucet. When you turn it on, it may start to vibrate. It can be a vibration all throughout the house. It’s really a process of elimination, to find out what’s causing the noises.

We would be happy to take a look at the plumbing noise issue for you. They’re pretty simple problems most of the time.

In regards to water pressure, however, there are some important things for you to understand. Faucets and pipes are designed to be under a certain pressure. Anything over 75 is considered excessive. The pressure can change. It may be under 75 at one point in time, higher later in the day. The pressure can fluctuate.

High pressure

High pressure can put excessive pressure on all the fixtures that are trying to keep the water turned off. The fixtures are fighting against that high pressure. So when you get exceedingly high pressure, it’s going to cause leaks in your plumbing. It’s going to cause your toilet to run constantly. You can start to have pipe leaks in the wall, under the slab, as a result of excessive pressure.

This is not something you want to ignore.

This is something you want to get taken care of.

If you don’t call us, please call somebody. This is probably one of the worst problems, one of the bigger issues out there in the plumbing world. There are three things that cause damage to your plumbing system. Age, the type of water that you have coming into your home (whether it’s got a lot of scales or not), and the pressure. The pressure being the biggest culprit of all of them.

So, if you decide you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, please give us a call.

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